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With this you can search by any of the below but only one at a time, surname or spouse etc..

How to us this search form

Surname is searched by the beginning letters. For example A or a (the search does not care if it is upper case or lower case) would list all grave records with surnames beginning with A. Another example is that bai would list only names beginning with bai, such as bailey, bain, etc.

Other fields are searched differently, because the word or set of letters can arise anywhere, not just the beginning. So that for example if you were looking for a parent named Duff, and you were not sure if it was mac, or mc before it, or with a gap like Mac Duff or MacDuff, if you typed in the letters duf you would find all names with that combination of letters, such as duff, duffey, dandruff, etc.

Dates (these are the dates the grave was filled, sometimes with several family members over many years) are searched for sorting of numbers. For example if you were looking for something in the eighteen fifties, you would enter 185 so that any date in the 1850 to 1859 range would be listed.

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